Thursday, July 15, 2010

eleven before 2011!

There are a lot of things around the house that I'd like to get done. After reading Nicole's 30 before Thirty list on Making it Lovely, I thought it was a great idea to give myself a little deadline. Being a designer, I do much better with deadlines. I made change this list up, but here is my short list of eleven tasks before 2011.

1. Paint our living room grey {or something other than the current color!}

2. Replace the knobs in out kitchen. 

3. Create a business name & logo for my freelance graphic design.

4. Create some kind of website for said graphic design business.

5. Paint and hang up the mirror in the dining room.

6. Learn to sew ruffles and create something beautiful.

7. Print & burn photo cd's. My computer is full of 1000's of photos.

8. Create a gallery wall in the living room.

9. Have a garage sale & get rid of all the crap stored in our house.

10.Replace the ugly, awful florescent light, in our kitchen.

11. Pull up the carpet in the living room & dining room.

Like Nicole, I'm going to cross items off as they are completed.
Wish me luck!

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