Thursday, September 13, 2012

Molly got married!

Molly got married! Yay! Molly is one of my closest friends and Baileigh's godmother. We went to Loras together, but for most of college we were just "class friends" we were both IVA majors and since the major only has 8 people or so in our class, we shared most of our major classes together.  We never spent much time outside of class hanging out except for the quick trips to Wendy's between classes and the occasional run in out at parties and the bars. After college we both still lived in Dubuque and we started to hang out a lot more. Molls has been there for me through a lot of crazy things. She helped me do all the busy projects for our wedding, helped remove wallpaper and paint our house and even helped a lot while I was pregnant with Baileigh. I asked her to be Baileigh's god mother as well because I think she's awesome!

Molly started dating Matt summer of 2010. They got engaged a year later and they got married on September 1st! Matt is an awesome guy and treats Molly wonderfully! I am so happy for them! Both Baileigh and I were in the wedding. Baileigh even debuted her first wedding as the flower girl! The wedding was a success and one of the most fun nights I can think of. Here are a few pictures! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy!!!

A few of Molly's bridesmaids & the beautiful bride! Rachel & Tara

action photo!

Molly & her little flower girl!

Baileigh and Logan walking down the aisle. They were adorable and did a great job!

The adorable couple!

Yay, they're married!

Molly with her little attendants-- Baileigh & Logan

She looked beautiful and was such a good girl all day!