Friday, July 30, 2010

no. 9 Have a garage sale & get rid of all the crap stored in our house... {a change of plans.}

Back when I created the eleven before 2011 list I had a basement full of crap (boxes, clothes, odds & ends, etc.) that I needed to go through, organize and put in a garage sale. Well, after the ridiculous amounts of rain we got last Thursday and Friday, our basement flooded. I should first clarify that once in a while, after heavy rain storms we get a little water that come through the foundation and other areas. This time though, it was much more. We had puddles in some areas, water leaking in from around a pipe and all of the crap we had on the flood was soaked. We have lived in our house for just short of 2 years, and much of the crap was from when we moved in. If we haven't needed it in 2 years, we should through it away.  I wish I had taken a "before" picture, so the after picture is more effective. Lets just say you couldn't see the floor at all. Seriously, not at all.

 Since we had to get rid of almost everything we don't use from the basement, I kind of feel like no. 9 was accomplished. I know, it didn't get sold in a garage sale, but it's out of out house and the basement is less of a mess, which was the original goal. Hmm.. am I cheating? Heck, who cares, I made the list up! haha!

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