Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don't judge a book by its cover (or a cake by its frosting!)

The saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" always made me laugh. I am a very visual person, and even remember saying "yes, I do judge a book by its cover." Ironically, in my new job, I will actually be designing book covers! Kind of funny. As a designer, the goal was to make pretty things. Actually, this print by Yellow Heart Art always makes me smile.

Well, I have learned that when baking, you can't always end up with "pretty things." For example? German Chocolate Cake.

My father in-law's birthday was last weekend. We are celebrating it tonight and I offered to bake a cake for the event. A little birdie told me his favorite cake is German Chocolate (Thanks Linds!) I have never made one from scratch, so naturally I turned to my new obsession, Pinterest, to find some inspiration. I found a recipe via Cookie Madness for German Chocolate cake. She had a lot of different recipes for it. 

German Chocolate Cake recipe via Cookie Madness 

My verdict? Wow, I haven't been able to taste it yet, besides a small piece that broke off, but I have a pretty good feeling it will taste amazing, despite its look! The frosting is pretty runny, and because of the added chocolate, it is kind of a blah color. I learned that traditional German Chocolate cakes are only frosted between layers and on top because the frosting is too delicate to frost the sides. I totally agree. The coconut/pecan frosting makes it look not so pretty, but they also make it taste delicious.

I guess all cakes can't be beautifully decorated! Taste is more important! Once I taste it, I'll update this post!

P.S. Did you know that contrary to the name, German Chocolate cake isn't from Germany? Until I was researching recipe, I had no idea! Heres the history of this delicious dessert! History of German Chocolate Cake 


Kristin Joyce said...

Yum....I'm drooling!! This is my brother's favorite kind of cake too and my mom always made one for him.

Estephania said...

My cakes never look good, but the taste is what counts! :) It looks yummy! Sorry I wasn't able to deliver on the cake pans in time. Jack wanted to walk at Lowe's last night so it took a little longer than usual :)

cols said...

Thanks girls! It turned out pretty good, but the frosting was so runny that it ran out the inside layers. Luckily the cake was really moist and yummy. Next tim I may look for a different frosting recipe.

Haha no worries Stephanie! I only had 2 pans and kind of forgot it was 3 layers. I thought i'd try you quick before i asked my in-laws! I'm sure it wont be the last time i ask for something :)