Friday, July 16, 2010

6. Learn to sew ruffles and create something beautiful.

As I looked over my eleven before 2011 list, I decided the first I am going to complete is no. 6. "Learn to sew ruffles and create some beautiful." I found a tutorial over on Simply Modern Mom for a Retro Ruffle Dress and thought it looked kind of easy for the beginner sewer that I am. Tiffany suggests that the dress only works for toddlers in size 18 months or smaller, since the dress is made from a pillowcase, so I though while it's still warm out and dress weather, I would create something beautiful with ruffles for baby B.

Here is the dress Tiffany created for her baby. 
My plan this weekend is to look around the house (or a thrift store) for a cute pillowcase and attempt to make this cute dress for Baileigh. Wish me luck!

{image: Simply Modern Mom }

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