Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project 24

 As I explore Pinterest, I find all these projects that I'd like to do for our home. Being a visual person, I almost get overwhelmed about the possibilities and projects I can do. Back in July 2010 I created a list of Eleven before 2011 I had hoped having my "to-do" list out here on the blog would help me accomplish all my projects. Although I only finished a couple of the items before 2011, I did finish all of them within 2011. That is progress, right?  I didn't finish 3 of the original 11. 

#1 from the previous list was to repaint our living room. I have since decided I am okay with the yellow we have now, so I'm not going to worry about that one. #7 was to print & burn photo cd's. I haven't done this, but I did backup a lot of photos using a free service, Dropbox. #10 was to replace the ugly florescent light in the kitchen. I still haven't done that, so it will be moved to my new list. I've decided to attempt to accomplish 2 projects a month for 2012. Some may be bigger ones, some small, but the goal is to finish every item on my to-do list.

Project 24
1. Replace the awful light in our kitchen.
2. Hang curtains in Baileigh's room.
3. Make or find cheap (& adorable) chevron curtains for our dining room. {Note: I already made curtains for our dining room, a couple years ago, with less than great results. This time I plan to use Kristin's "no-sew" method!}
4. Either paint or stain the old dresser in our dining room & add new hardware.
5. Fix our dining room ceiling
5. Create a mixed-media gallery wall in Baileigh's room.
6. Add ceiling fans to our room, the front screened porch & possibly Baileigh's.
7. Potty train our 2 1/2 year old. {Okay, not technically a project, but anyone who has a toddler knows this is a big undertaking!}
8. Re-paint my eames chair. Grey isn't working for me.
9. Paint the built in shelving in my closet something other than the lime green it currently it.
10. Get the awesome "Dubuque" print I got from the Dubuque Museum of Art matted, frame and hung.
11.Make a cute monogrammed wreath to hang on our front door.
12. Power wash the outside of our home. White siding is such a pain!
13. Landscape the retaining wall by our garage. (I think this will be Pat's summer project)
14. Make or find simple shades for our screened in porch.
15 Organize all the cabinets and drawers in our kitchen.
16. Make homemade laundry soap, glass cleaner and all purpose cleaner.
17. Try a new recipe a week- for all 52 weeks. (This won't be able to get checked off until the last week of December!)
18. Create a jewelry holder for our room.
19. Create silhouettes of all three of our profiles.
20.  Create a chalkboard wall, or area in B's room for her to color on.
21. Organize all my craft supplies. (I have a ton!)
22. Add an outside railing to our new front steps,
23. Replace the make-shift railing for our back steps.
24. Paint our bathroom a new color.

Yikes, this is a lot of projects! I hope trying to complete two a month isn't too ambitious! Some of these cost a decent amount, so I will keep that in mind, but for the most part, I hope to accomplish all these projects!

In January I accomplished two, so I'm well on my way! I created a Jewelry holder for our room and we fixed the ceiling from the water damage.  The ceiling fix isn't exciting, but it got done! Here is a picture of the jewelry holder I made.

Well, this may be one of the longest posts ever! Monthly I will have a post dedicated to the two projects I completed that month!


Kristin Joyce said...

This is a GREAT list Colleen. I am working on putting mine together too. I know what you mean about overwhelming, but it seems so doable written out like that. Here's to some productive weekends and cooperative family members to help you complete!

Estephania said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the progress.