Friday, March 16, 2012

Beautiful weather, river walk & gelato!

Now that the weather is starting to get nice and warmer I enjoy being able to get out for walks at night. Tonite for dinner we marinated and grilled out chicken, sautéed peppers and made fajitas. They were delicious and so easy! After dinner we decided to head down to the port of Dubuque for a walk. It was a beautiful nights. The river walk was busy with lts of people and Baileigh was having a lot of fun running around, looking at the art on display and saying "hi" to all the puppies. We had fun.

B asked to stand by the art and have me take her picture. Such a little ham!

B's silly face!
Baileigh and daddy with the MIssissippi in the background.

After walking a while, she got tired and asked for me to carry her on my shoulders for a bit..

After the river walk, Pat suggested we get gelato at Chocolaterie Stam. Oh my gosh, they have the best gelato! Pat got Espresso Biscotti, Baileigh got Blackberry Raspberry (only because the color of it was pink) and I got Chocolate Hazelnut, which was pretty much chilled nutella. It was fantastic! Its a little pricer than regular ice cream, but the taste makes it so worth it! They are located on Main Street by Crust. Check them out! Chocolaterie Stam

Well, tomorrow is Friday! It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend! Enjoy! xo

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Estephania said...

I LOVE Stamm's! Thanks for a fun time on Friday night... sorry we got the cops called on you! ;)