Friday, December 5, 2008

A New Chapter in Our Life :)

Well, this is only my 2nd post ever..and I thought it would be something I would write in more, turns out I don't have the time! I have some exciting news...we are expecting a baby :) I know, I know, seems fast, since we only got married in September, Well, in normal "Colleen & Patrick" fashion, we moved quick again. I am due June 25th..which makes me 11 weeks & one day today! We had an ultra sound 2 weeks ago, and everything looked great, and since I am just about out of my first trimester, I thought it was safe to start telling friends, since our family knows already! We are really excited and happy we bought our house too, now we'll have a room for the baby!

We found out early November, mostly because I was feeling awful and started to realize something was not right. Well, sure enough, the same week we made an offer on a house, Patrick bought his new car, I took a test, and yes, saw the infamous "two pink lines." Well, needless to say, that was a BIG week for us. All the things that make you an adult happened...and not just the same month, or year, but the same WEEK!

The morning sickness was awful. for anyone who didn't experience morning sickness, you are lucky, and for anyone, like me, who did, ohhhh, boy, I feel your pain! And the name "morning sickness" is a joke, because it's not in the morning, oh no, its ALL day and miserable...(granted, i had a bad case of it!) Well, I am finally better and able to eat a little more and more..which feels great! haha

Well, other than baby news, I mentioned we did buy a house! It's adorable and we already love it! It's on Alta Place, in Dubuque, kind of by Senior HS. It's in a good neighborhood and its perfect for us. Two bedrooms, one bath, large dining room, living room, nice kitchen, and my favorite, two car garage! woohoo! We closed on Wednesday, Nov. 26th, and moved the following 4 days. Now we are all moved in, but still need to work on updates like painting and such. I am hoping to start these things in January or so.

Well, thats about all for now. I'll try to post some pictures next time :)

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